Intuitive, Psychometry, Pendulum & Tarot Readings

Charini Shon


As long as I can remember I have felt energy from people, or items I touch. I would get impressions or words coming to me. I didn't know what it was at the time. And was surprised when I asked what it was that others didn't feel it too. After surviving 13 years of trauma, I lost the feelings and impressions. It went away for years and I forgot about it.
It has come back in a big way so strongly it frightened me at first. But I am learning to pay attention to those feelings and have been able to focus them into psychometry and pendulum readings. I have felt the overwhelming need to use it to help others. So here I am. I hope to help you find what you need.


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Phone: 780-960-2166 (Store)


25 minute session - $60+GST; 50 minute session - $120+GST