Mercy MSM by Cloud 9 Naturally

A chemical free lotion form of MSM

Beneficial for: Muscle Spasm, Sprains and Strains, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Backache, Injuries, Growing Pains, Headaches, Sore Feet, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Childbirth Support, Labor Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome.

Pain Relief in Minutes

MSM helps repair joint damage by replacing missing sulfur found in arthritic cartilage. MSM is clinically shown to reduce inflammation, allowing muscles and joints to heal faster. MSM has shown 82% improvement in muscle relief and a 58% increase in recovery level of muscle strains and athletic injuries. It has been used in clinical studies to treat patients with osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, athletic injuries, carpal tunnel, inflammation and allergies.

Mercy MSM is a chemical free lotion that penetrates in minutes to reduce inflammation and pain, delivering natural comfort for hours.

What is MSM?
Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is a source of organic sulfur.
Where does it come from?
It comes from nature and can be found in all plants, animals and water. Our source comes from the cedarwood tree.
What does it do?
MSM works by inhibiting pain impulses along nerve fibres, reducing inflammation, muscle spasms and increasing blood flow. It reduces the rigidity of cells allowing fluids to pass freely from cells reducing pressure.
How safe is MSM?
MSM is similar in toxicity to water.
Can I use Mercy MSM while taking perscriptions?
MSM has NOT been shown to interact with any medication.
I am allergic to sulfa drugs, can I take MSM?
MSM is NOT related to sulfa drugs.
Is Mercy MSM safe for children?
Yes, we have had no adverse reactions reported when used on children. BUT always patch test on young children's skin before using. Their skin is more sensitive than ours.
How often can Mercy MSM be used?
As often as needed.
Can pregnant women use this product?
Our product does contain Eucalyptus oil, but at less than 1% which is considered safe. Pregnant women have used this safely and effectively to relieve pain, backache, swollen feet and labour for 10 years.
Can Mercy MSM be used on animals?
We have safely used it on our animals for years. DO NOT USE ON CATS.
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