Stone List sorted by Stone Name (Oct 1, 2015)

Stone NameDescription
Adamite Beneficial for endocrine system, glands, heart, lungs, throat, useful for uniting heart and mind, provides clarity and inner strength with emotional issues, helps entrepreneurial skills, helps identify new areas for growth in business and personal life.
Aegirine Beneficial for self-esteem, integrity, sensitivity, focusing goals, immune system, muscles and muscle pain, bones, metabolic system, nerves, enhances positive vibrations, boosts healing energy of other crystals
Agate THE stone for protection, attracts strength, protects from bad dreams, protects from stress and energy drains, used to ward off storms, banded agates placed at head gives rich and varied dreams, good to harden the gums, stomach upsets, changes our level of acceptance of an emotion, gives us the strength to carry on, helps make important decisions.
Albatine Aragonite Links directly to the angelic domain, energetically they are among the most uplifting of stones, helps to purify one's auric field or living space, make ideal altar stones, they infuse atmosphere of room with spiritual light, call in helpful spiritual beings, clear negative energies.
Alexandrite Encourages regeneration, renewal, protection, joy, emotional maturity, purity, grace and elegance. Opens Heart, Solar Plexus and especially Crown Chakras. Opens to higher self, psychicness, spiritual love, joy and luck.
Amazonite Luck and healing stone. Known as the "Hope Stone" - lucky for all your hopes and dreams, brings joy, is uplifting, good for anyone in the arts, balances feminine and masculine energy and emotions, gives physical stamina, promotes kindness and practicality, soothes nervous system and brain. Throat chakra.
Amber Beneficial when used on any part of the body. It has good effects on the brain, lungs, thyroid, spleen, endocrine system, inner ear and neurological system, good for healing, soothing and maintaining a harmonious balance between opposing elements and is helpful in clearing up depression. Also useful as a memory aid.
Amblygonite Beneficial for stress, genetic disorders, arts music poetry, creativity, stomach, digestion, headaches, helps you nurture yourself, assists in ending relationships without angry results, activates electrical systems of the body.
Amethyst Beneficial for decision making, recurrent nightmares, insomnia, anger, fear, anxiety, grief, dreams, alcoholism, hormone production, metabolism, cleansing and eliminating organs, immune system, blood, headache, bruises, swellings, burns, hearing disorders, respiratory tract.
Amethyst Maraba Beneficial for healing. Amethyst attracts spiritual energies, calms restless thoughts and enhances psychic abilities. It provides peace of mind and promotes serene dreams. Extremely useful in addiction healing.
Ametrine A rare stone with amethyst and citrine in the same crystal. Beneficial for vitality, chronic illnesses, releasing negative emotional programming, blood cleanser, letting go of past, self esteem, self-confidence, nightmares, detox, digestive tract, respiratory tract.
Angel Phantom (Amphibole) Combination of Tremolite, Actinolite, Hornblende, Riebeckite, Richterite. Connecting with angelic domain, attuning to higher self, finding inner peace, sweet dreams, dissolve negativity, sense of joy, kindness and wellbeing.
Angelite Compassion, rebirthing, meridians and energetic pathways, throat, inflammation, thyroid, tissue and blood vessels, fluid balance, diuretic, weight control, lungs, arms, sunburn.
Apache Tear Beneficial for spontaneity, forgiveness, snakebite, detoxification, assimilation of vitamins C & D, muscle spasm. Heals grief, absorbs negative energy and protects the aura.
Apatite Beneficial for motivation, nervous exhaustion, irritability, apathy, service, communication, energy depletion, pain, bones, cells, calcium absorption, cartilage, teeth, motor skills, arthritis, joint problems, glands, hypertension.
Apophyllite Beneficial for stress reduction, anxiety, worry, fears, respiratory system, asthma, allergies, regeneration of mucous membranes, skin, eyes, stimulating metaphysical abilities, helps introspection, negative thought patterns, healing the spirit.
Aqua Aura Quartz Beneficial for balancing polarities, fulfilling potential, thymus, immune system, carpal tunnel syndrome, strokes, multidimensional healing, master healer for any condition, multidimensional cellular memory healing, efficient receptor for programming, bringing body into balance.
Aquamarine Beneficial for pollutants, stress, intuition, fear, sore throats, swollen glands, thyroid, pituitary, hormones, growth, elimination, eyes, jaw, teeth, near or far sightedness, stomach, immune system, autoimmune diseases.
Aragonite Beneficial for patience, emotional stress, anger, reliability, acceptance, flexibility, tolerance, lower back pain, grounding, wound healing, bones, chills, calcium absorption, muscle spasm, immune system.
Atacamite Beneficial for thymus, immune system, kidneys, hypothyroidism, nervous system, stress, fear, opens third eye, restores spiritual trust and insight, cleanser for third eye, brings unconditional love.
Atlantisite Beneficial for blood disorders, hypoglycemia, diabetes, longevity, detox, calcium and magnesium absorption, teeth, gums, hernia, PMS, muscular aches, ADHD, skin elasticity. Brings peace into the environment, lowers stress levels.
Auralite 23 Brings harmony and balance, balances physical body, helps meditation, focuses inner spirit on abundance around us, aids spiritual development, flashes of intuitiveness and ingenious thoughts, activates each chakra. Has metaphysical properties of all 23 minerals: Titanite, Cocoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Malachite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Geothite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Shpalerite, Covellite, Chalcopyrite, Gilalite, Epidote, Bornite, and Rutile. If used with another crystal get magnification of energy of these 23 minerals as well, allowing the light worker to accelerate the healing process.
Aventurine Beneficial for balancing male-female energy, prosperity, leadership, decisiveness, compassion, empathy, irritation, creativity, stuttering, thymus gland, nervous system, blood pressure, metabolism, cholesterol, heart attacks, anti-inflammatory, allergies, migraine headaches, eyes, adrenals, lungs, sinuses, muscular systems.
Axinite Emanates a wholesome, helpful energy, clarifies consciousness, harmonizes emotions, balances physical energies, endurance, vitality, and grounding, helps access subconscious information, expands awareness and access to spiritual plane, great meditation stone.
Azurite Stimulates communication skills, intuition, creativity and inspiration. On third eye during meditation, opens up inner sight. Excellent for studying for exams, opens mind and makes it more receptive to retaining information. Liver stimulant, aids detox, stimulates brain and nerve activity, stimulates activity of thyroid gland.
Banded Agate Often called the “earth rainbow”, Banded Agate is a healing stone for body, mind and spirit. It can increase concentration, honesty and memory, protect from negative energy, increase stamina, help with digestive conditions and protect body from harmful radiation, improve mental functions, help where issues of clarity and stability are concerned, helpful in overcoming negative emotions.
Benitoite Rare - found in only San Benito, California. Used for channeling angelic guidance, and to enhance psychic ability, a stone of inner journeying, beneficial for channeling spiritual information, opening the door to truth, promote synchronicity, access and understand higher knowledge.
Bismuth Helps one to transit from the physical plane to the astral state and to abide within serenity, relieves conditions of emotional and spiritual isolation, stone of transformation.
Black Kyanite Beneficial for reprogramming cellular memory, environmental detox, mental cleansing, urogenital and reproductive system, muscles, muscular disorders, throat, parathyroid, thyroid, adrenal glands, brain, blood pressure, infections, fevers, excess weight, pain, larynx, hoarseness, motor nerves, dexterity, yin-yang balance, logical and linear thought, victimhood, frustration, anger, stress, resignation, metaphysical abilities.
Black Onyx One of the most powerful protection stones, absorbs negative energies, releases negative emotions, alleviates worries and tensions, creates invisibility, protects from snake and insect bites, used to reduce fevers.
Bloodstone (Heliotrope) Powerful healer, protection. Protects against the evil eye, purifies blood, detoxify kidneys, liver, spleen, balance iron deficiencies, strengthens immune system, increases courage, soothes mind, reduces mental and emotional stress, eliminates confusion, enhances decision making, helps remove energy blocks, symbol of justice.
Blue Agate Emotional trauma, self confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, digestive process, eyes, stomach, uterus, lymphatic system, pancreas, blood vessels, skin disorders, invokes harmony and peacefulness.
Blue Calcite Throat Chakra. Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies. Brings about stability. Calming. Stimulates trust in oneself. Enhances memory. Healing: stimulates metabolism, strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the rhythm of the heart, lowers blood pressure, dissolves pain.
Blue Chalcedony Encourage positive changes. Induces emotional stability and eases communication. Reputed to prevent accidents and reduce irritation and anger. Helps with depression, nightmares, glaucoma, blood pressure, hysteria, fear of dark, immune system, eyes, bones, lungs, diabetes.
Blue Lace Agate Love, healing stone. Calming, uplifting, encourages peace & happiness, decreases buildup of painful or irritated energy, destressor, helps self-confidence, shoulder & neck, thyroid, throat, lymph infections, inflammation, fever, trauma, eyes, stomach, uterus, pancreas, skin, gastritis.
Blue Tiger Eye Beneficial for brain hemisphere integration, perception, internal conflicts, pride, wilfulness, emotional balance, yin-yang balance, fatigue, haemophilia, hepatitis, mononucleosis, depression, eyes, night vision, throat, reproductive organs, constrictions, broken bones, calming stress.
Blue Topaz Beneficial for astuteness, problem solving, honesty, forgiveness, self realization, emotional support, manifesting health, throat, digestion, anorexia, sense of taste, nerves, metabolism, skin, vision, strengthens third eye and throat chakra, connects to angels of truth and wisdom.
Botswana Agate Beneficial for releasing emotional repression, detoxification, sensuality, sexuality, fertility, artistic expression, depression, the brain, emotional trauma, self-confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities.
Brazilianite Creativity, manifestation, cleansing, empowerment of the will, use during meditation to tap into knowledge of past energies, helpful to break out of martyr complex, taking responsibility for oneself, beneficial for kidneys, spleen, sexual organs, endocrine system, hormone production, helps rid body of heavy metals.
Brecciated Jasper Beneficial for libido, rebirthing, boundaries, circulation, fevers, blood, liver, electromagnetic and environmental pollution, radiation, stress, digestive and sexual organs.
Bronzite Harmony, self-assertion, willfulness, stress, exhaustion, masculine energy, pain, over alkalinity, assimilation of iron, cramp, nerves.
Calligraphy Script (Arabic Stone) Beneficial for digestive system, helping to keep a cool head in volatile situations, create positive results from hopeless situations, assists in accessing the Akashic Records, useful in past-life recall, connects the solar plexus chakra with the third-eye chakra helping you to access your hidden powers, helpful in contacting your guides and angels particularly through automatic writing.
Candle Quartz (Atlantean Lovestar) Beneficial for psychosomatic disease, headaches, regulating insulin, converting energy of carbohydrates and nutrients, carries generic properties of quartz, personal illumination, focusing life path.
Carnelian Beneficial for healing, money, guards against poverty, accelerates healing in bones and ligaments, helps metabolism, nose bleeds, infertility, frigidity, impotence, blood disorders, heart, lower back disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, kidneys, headaches, increases appetite, helps decrease emotional negativity, depression.
Celestite Excellent stone for mental activities, promoting rationality, worry, conflict resolution. Aids in development of spirituality, personal bliss. Equalizes and moderates yin yang forces. Helps with pain, detox, eyes, ears, throat, muscle tension.
Charoite Beneficial for autism, auric cleansing, unconditional love, drive, vigor, spontaneity, stress, worry, manic depression, emotional turmoil, transforming negative energy, exhaustion, blood pressure, eyes, heart, liver, pancreas, cramps, pain, insomnia.
Chiastolite (Cross Stone, Andalusite) Beneficial for guilt, memory, analytic capability, fever, staunching blood flow, over acidification, rheumatism, gout lactation, immune system, nerve fortifier, protective stone, dispelling negative thoughts, making transitions.
Chlorite Phantom Quartz absorbs negative energy and toxins and clears a buildup of negative energy anywhere in the body and environment. Clears old patterns, hearing disorders, clairaudience, multidimensional healing, cleansing and enhancing organs, helpful for accessing Akashic records.
Chrysocolla Beneficial for personal power, creativity, self-awareness, confidence, motivation, phobias, guilt, mental tension, grief, lungs, pain, reoxygenating blood, blood pressure, Alzheimer's arthritis, bone disease, muscle spasm, digestive tract, ulcers, liver, kidneys, intestines, infections, throat & tonsils, burns, thyroid, PMS, menstrual cramps.
Chrysoprase Fourth Chakra - Heart. Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness. Healing: speeds the healing of any wound. It should not be placed on the body, but held over the affected area. Carry a Chrysoprase in a pocket to help heal. Also keep a Chrysoprase close to your bed at night to speed healing.
Cinnabar Blood, strength, flexibility, stabilizing weight, fertility, releasing energy blockages and aligning energy centers, increase income, wealth, persuasiveness, assertiveness, dignity, power, elegance, fluency of mind and speech. Contains mercury.
Citrine Money, attracting abundance, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-expression, concentration, calm, depression, fears, phobias, individuality, motivation, creativity, nightmares, thyroid, kidney, itching, powerful cleanser and regenerator, eye problems, blood circulation, menopause, never needs cleaning.
Clear Quartz Crystal Beneficial for energy enhancement, multidimensional cellular memory healing, cleansing and enhancing the organs and immune system, bringing the body into balance, soothing burns. A master healer.
Copper Copper increases mental agility and focus, is an excellent conduit for all energies, subtly enhancing properties of crystals and aligning your own energy field, improves all cycles, including circulation of blood, increasing energy and detoxifying your body, used in treatment of wounds and skin diseases, internal diseases, anemia, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease.
Creedite Beneficial for fractures, torn muscles and ligaments, stabilizing pulse, assimilation of A, B & E vitamins, clarify channeled messages, enhances spiritual communication, speeds up ability to move between different levels of consciousness.
Dalmation Stone Made primarily of quartz and fieldspar with spots mainly tourmaline and iron oxide. Useful tool for change, encourages investigation and truth seeking, excellent anti-smoking crystal, assures safe sleep, prevents nightmares, helpful for sprains, cartilage problems, digestion, gallstones, blood and immune system.
Danburite Beneficial for allergies, chronic conditions, detoxifying, liver, gallbladder, weight gain, muscular and motor function. A highly spiritual stone promotes lucid dreaming, peace of mind, patience, healer for the heart.
Dendritic Agate Stone of Plenitude, brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life. Beneficial for peaceful environment, stability, perseverance, circulatory system, pain relief, emotional trauma, self-confidence, analytical abilities, digestive process, eyes, stomach.
Desert Rose 6th & 7th Chakra, element storm, beneficial for lactation, connective tissue, structure of bones, osteoporosis, oversensitivity to cold or temperature, chronic fatigue, detox, aligning the spinal column, flexibility, epilepsy, judgment, insight.
Diopside First and 4th Chakra, element earth, beneficial for mathematics, trust, psychological conditions, stress, weakness, acid-alkaline balance, inflammation, muscular aches & spasm, kidneys, heart, hormonal balance, circulation, blood pressure.
Dioptase Beneficial for grief, betrayal, abandonment, spiritual attunement, metaphysical vision, positive attitude, shock, addiction, stress, detoxification, cell disorders, thymus, high blood pressure, pain, migraine, heart attacks, fatigue, nausea, liver. Heart Chakra.
Dravite (Brown Tourmaline) Grounding stone, beneficial for protection, community spirit, social commitment, creativity, craftwork, dysfunctional family relationships, empathy, intestinal disorders, skin diseases, protection, detox, paranoia, dyslexia, hand-eye coordination, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia.
Dumortierite Self confidence, cellular memory healing, stage fright, shyness, stress, phobias, insomnia, panic, fear, depression, patience, self discipline mental clarity, stubbornness, epilepsy, headaches, nausea, vomiting, colic, palpitations.
ENHYDRO Crystals Enhydros have formed small pockets of water and air. Just think how old the water inside must be! Carrying water, the force of life, enhydros are quite useful in healing, especially in combination with other stones. They are also helpful to alleviate stress and anxiety while one is moving through major life changes.
Emerald Beneficial for love, prosperity, healing, unconditional love, faithfulness, reason, wisdom, mutual understanding, group cooperation, discernment, eloquent expression, patience, mental clarity, sinuses, lungs, heart, spine, vision, muscles, diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatism, detoxification.
Epidote Beneficial for convalescence, emotional body, self-pity, anxiety, realistic goals, emotional trauma, grief, stamina, nervous and immune systems, dehydration, brain, thyroid, liver, gallbladder, adrenal glands.
Faden Quartz Beneficial for breaks and fractures, stability at all levels, removing cysts, back pain, provides protection during out-of-body travel, helpful during past-life regression, self-healing, personal growth.
Fairy Quartz Beneficial for detoxifying issues, pain, nightmares, earthy vibrations, unravel family myths, ancestral and cultural stories, soothes the environment, energy enhancement, radiation protection, immune system, balance body, enhance organs.
Fire Agate Beneficial for fear, insecurity, cravings, destructive desires, addictions, stomach, nervous, circulation, eyes, hot flushes, energy burnout, emotional trauma, self confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, gastritis, pancreas, skin disorders.
Fluorite All chakras, bronchitis, emphysema, pleurisy, pneumonia, antiviral, infections, teeth, cells, bones, DNA, skin wrinkles, respiratory, cold, flu, sinusitis, ulcers, wounds, adhesions, joints arthritis, rheumatism, spinal injuries, pain relief, shingles, nerve related pain, stomach, intestines, balance, self-confidence, shyness, worry, centering, concentration.
Fuchsite (Green Muscovite) Beneficial for codependency, reducing emotional blackmail, resilience, trauma, self-worth, carpal tunnel syndrome, spine realignment, left-right confusion, problem solving, insomnia, allergies, anger, insecurity, hair, eyes, weight, blood sugar, dehydration, kidneys.
Fulgurite Natural glass tube formed by action of lightning in sand. Enhances communication, strengthens connection with other worlds, alleviate distractions, predict future events, used in treatment of disorders of ear, nose, throat, intestinal walls, colon, alimentary canal, esophagus.
Gaia Stone Beneficial for self-healing, emotional wounds, past trauma. Made from volcanic ash of Mt St. Helens, a stone of prosperity, brings you into close harmony with earth and environment, stimulates healing ability, promotes compassion and empathy. High vibration stone.
Galena Beneficial for detoxification, multidimensional cellular healing, inflammation, eruptions, fatty deposits, circulation, veins, joints, hair, assimilation of selenium and zinc, harmonizes physical, etheric and spiritual.
Garnet Beneficial for attracting love, dreaming, blood diseases, regenerating the body, metabolism, spinal and cellular disorders, heart, lungs, thyroid, spleen, teaches patience and constancy.
Girasol (Blue Opal) Beneficial for panic, phobias, confidence, creativity, assimilation of iron, vision, hair loss, metabolism, fatigue, lymph nodes, strengthening the will to live, intuition, female hormones, menopause, Parkinson's, infections, self worth, fever, memory, purifying blood and kidneys, regulating insulin.
Golden (Imperial) Topaz Beneficial for solar plexus, nervous exhaustion, liver, gallbladder, endocrine glands, astuteness, problem solving, honesty, forgiveness, self realization, digestion, anorexia, sense of taste, nerves, metabolism, skin, vision.
Golden Healer Quartz Multidimensional healing, master healer for any condition, cellular memory healer, cleans and enhances the organs, immune system, brings the body into balance, soothes burns, energy enhancement.
Golden Sheen Obsidian Beneficial for compassion, strength, detoxification, balances energy fields, indicates what requires healing, eliminates sense of futility or conflict, takes you into core of problem, releases ego involvement.
Goldstone Happy Thoughts. Goldstone renews strength, balances energies and induces happy thoughts. It encourages faith and increases healing energies. Goldstone also prevents a big ego, deflects unwanted energies and eases stomach tension.
Goldstone - Blue Associated with learning and communication, a stone of ambition, builds energy, courage and a positive attitude, increases drive and confidence, lucky, provides composure, stabilising emotions, protection, gemstone of wisdom and science, lifting depression, anxiety, eases pain of arthritis, rheumatism, other aches and pains, inflammation.
Green Apophyllite Energize and balance the energy centers of the body, get clarity around a situation, improved decision making, prioritization, assessment and analysis, clear away excessive thought patterns, emanates steady and strong healing energies, tap into Unconditional Love, forgiveness and compassion.
Green Calcite Beneficial for grids, immune system, bacterial infections, arthritis, joint pain, ligaments, muscles, fevers, burns, inflammations, adrenals, thymus, chest, shoulders, nervous tics, stuttering, kidney, bladder, motivation, emotional stress, skeleton, skin.
Green Kyanite Find truth. Helps those looking for truth and the true motives of others. Encourages love after loss, compassion, brings tranquility, stimulates psychic awareness, aids in removing emotional and spiritual confusion.
Green Tourmaline (Elbaite) Considered by some to be the most powerful healer of the green stones, provides balance to all bodies, allows for compassion, inspires creativity, attracts success and money, transfers energy to plants, helps treatment of eyes, immune system.
Green Tourmaline (Verdelite) Beneficial for compassion, tenderness, patience, fears, restful sleep, panic attacks, hyperactivity, protection, detox, nervous system, eyes, heart, liver, gallbladder, weight loss, exhaustion, bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, immune system.
Hematite Timidity, self-esteem, willpower, legal situations, mathematics, compulsions, addictions, stress, hysteria, courage, inflammation, hemorrhage, anemia, kidneys, leg cramps, insomnia, spinal alignment, fractures.
Hematite (Magnetic) All chakras, element earth self-esteem, willpower, legal situations, legs, compulsions, addictions, kidneys, overeating, stress, hysteria, red blood cells iron absorption, fractures, grounding addictions, anorexia, emotional or mental, bipolar, nightmares, digestion, relaxation.
Hematite-Included Quartz Along with the properties of quartz, this stone is an excellent energizing crystal. Invigorates, cheers and rejuvenates. Also helps with alleviating hopelessness and pessimism.
Hematoid Quartz A powerful grounding crystal, drawing 'chaotic' and stray energies down into the root chakra, can assist in balancing polarized opposites of emotion and thought, assists one to accept and integrate the shadow self, manifest dreams into physical reality, transforms negativity into tranquility and clarity, stimulate healing of any disease, useful in the treatment of blood disorders and helps strengthen liver function.
Herkimer Diamond Beneficial for inner vision, telepathy, stress, detox, cellular healing, soul healing, soul shield, metabolic imbalances, influenza, throat, bronchitis, clearing electromagnetic pollution.
Hiddenite Thymus, chest, intuition, inspiration, humility, service, tolerance, self-expression, creativity, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, introspection, immune system, joint pain, circulatory system, heart, epilepsy.
Honey (Golden) Calcite Beneficial for elimination, study, intellectual power, persistence, motivation, revitalization, emotional stress, organs of elimination, calcium uptake in bones, dissolving calcification, skeleton, enhancing meditation.
Horn Coral Represents diplomacy, concurrence, quiets emotions, brings peace, facilitates intuition, imagination, visualization, strengthens circulatory systems, bones, stimulates tissue regeneration, helps with hearing disorders, muscular disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, finding and maintaining contact with totem animal, safety, security.
Howlite Beneficial for turbulent emotions, rage, patience, selfishness, memory, insomnia, calcium levels, teeth, bone, soft tissue, calms communication, facilitates awareness, encourages emotional expression, eliminates stress, rage and pain.
Howlite (Blue) Beneficial for turbulent emotions, rage, patience, selfishness, memory, insomnia, calcium levels, teeth, bone, soft tissue, calms communication, facilitates awareness, encourages emotional expression, eliminates stress, rage and pain. Helps with dream recall and insight to dreams.
Iolite Beneficial for strong constitution, fatty deposits, detox, alcohol excesses, liver regeneration, malaria, fevers, pituitary,sinus, respiratory system, migraine headaches, bacterial infection, discord in relationships, visualization, stimulates inner knowing, aligns the aura. 6th, 7th chakra.
Jasper (General) Super nurturer, stone of protection against negativity, aids in grounding, balances yin yang energies, stabilizes aura, eliminating negative energies in aura, used for kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, stomach, nervous system.
Jet 1st Chakra, talisman against entities. Helps with mood swings, depression, migraine, epilepsy, colds, glandular and lymphatic swellings, stomach pain, menstrual cramps, alleviates fears, protection stone, guards against violence & illness.
Kunzite (Pink Spodumene) Beneficial for combining intellect, intuition and inspiration, humulity, service, tolerance, self-expression, creativity, stress related anxiety, depression, immune system, circulatory system, heart muscle, epilepsy, joint pain, high vibration stone.
Kyanite (Blue/Green) Beneficial for metaphysical abilities, logical and linear thought, victimhood, frustration, anger, stress, resignation, pain, dexterity, muscular disorders, fevers, thyroid, adrenal glands, throat, brain, blood pressure, infections, excess weight, cerebellum, yin-yang balance, larynx, hoarseness.
Kyanite (Disthene) Beneficial for throat, larynx, speech, voice, hearing, eyes, sense of smell, brain, anger, stress, victimhood, thyroid, adrenal glands, muscular disorders, fevers.
Labradorite Labradorite is a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions. Stimulate imagination. Develop enthusiasm and thus, new ideas. See more clearly in meditation.
Lapis Lazuli Can be beneficial to the respiratory system, especially the throat and lungs, the cleansing organs and nervous system. Good for blood purification and boosting the immune system. Releases tension and anxiety. Increases psychic abilities. If seeking it will open the heart to love and beauty. Brings old emotional wounds to the surface.
Larimar Beneficial for energy blockages in the chest, head & neck, pain, flow of energy, coldness, serentiy, martyrdom, guilt, fear, self healing, bipolar disorders, cartilage, throat, constricted joints, blocked arteries, calmness, connects to earth goddess and nature, clears meridians. 5th chakra
Larvikite Beneficial for vitality, youthfulness, detox, lowers blood pressure, calming, stabilizing nervous system, process and use new information, assists in making decisions, enhances soul journeying, repels negative energy, imparts flexibility, emotional healing.
Lemurian Jade Initiation and transition, stone of the divine feminine, abundance at all levels, soothes and heals the heart centre, strengthens the immune system, recovery from any illness, teaches about roots and growing things.
Lemurian Quartz Crystal Opens energy of the soul creating higher level of consciousness, helps attune to higher energies and higher planes of existence. Instills feelings of harmony and ease. Yin energies of pure love helps you feel at one with yourself and others.
Leopard Skin Serpentine Longevity, detoxification, parasite elimination, calcium and magnesium absorption, hypoglycemia, diabetes.
Lepidolite Addictions, anorexia, emotional or mental despondency, nightmares, stress, obsessive thoughts, digestion, muscle relaxation, allergies, anger, depression, immune system, generation of negative ions, exhaustion, epilepsy, menopause, repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, nerve pain, joint problems.
Lithium Quartz Beneficial for enhancing deep meditation, release tension, ancient anger and grief, cleansing chakras, master healer, cleans and enhances the organs, brings body into balance, help for SAD, anxiety, harmony in relationships, energy enhancement.
Mahogany Obsidian Grounds, protects, helps reclaim your power, balances yin and yang, strengthens a weak aura, detox, pain, circulation, compassion, strength, blockages, hardened arteries, arthritis, joint pain, cramp, injuries, bleeding, warming extremities.
Malachite Powerful cleanser for emotions, helps understanding of negative patterns, protection stone against pollutants, helps circulatory diseases, immune system, diabetes, swollen joints, vertigo.
Mangano (Pink) Calcite Calcite is an energy amplifier. 4th (heart) chakra. Balances male, female polarities, alleviates fear, reduces stress, emotionally balancing, aids kidneys, pancreas, spleen.
Merkabite (White) Calcite 6th, 7th Chakras, consciousness expansion, access to higher knowledge, removing blockages, releasing fears, worry, hesitation, stimulates the nervous system, activates and balances the brain.
Merlinite Beneficial for past-life healing, harmony, balancing yin-yang, masculine and feminine energies, conscious and subconscious, intellect and intuition, respiratory system, circulatory system, intestines, heart.
Moldavite All chakras. Beneficial for compassion, security, empathy, illness, emotional trauma, good fortune, fertility, fuses extraterrestrial energies with mother earth, communication with higher self & ascended masters, downloading information from the Akashic record & the light body, future life.
Moonstone Beneficial for hyperactive children, deep emotional healing, disorders of upper digestive tract related to stress, anxiety, female reproductive cycle, conception, pregnancy, pineal gland, hormonal balance, biorhythmic clock, shock, detox, fluid retention, skin, hair, eyes, insomnia, sleepwalking.
Moqui Balls Soothing to hold, they come in pairs representing duality, allows you to understand yourself and your dualistic world better, align your Chakras, release blockages, stimulate energy and can be used for protection. Physically they can be used for constrictions of your veins, muscles and arteries, bone loss, DNA balancing, a deficient immune system and cellular renewal.
Morganite (Pink Beryl) Beneficial for soul retrieval, realigning body and soul, stress, stress related illness, TB, asthma, emphysema, heart problems, vertigo, impotence, lungs, nervous system, courage, liver, heart, stomach, spine.
Moss Agate 1st and 4th chakra, element earth, abundance,, attracting wealth, midwifery, self esteem, fear, depression, recovery, anti-inflammatory, circulatory & elimination systems, lymph & immune systems, hypoglycemia, dehydration, stiff neck, trauma.
Nebula (Galaxy) Stone Beneficial for profound cellular healing, macular degeneration, herpes, bronchitis, skin, self-pity, self-esteem, anxiety, emotional trauma, stamina, brain, thyroid, liver, muscles, bones, integrity, sensitivity.
Nephrite Jade Used to attract love, create positive attitude toward money, strengthen your mental faculties, assist in clear reasoning, protective, guarding against accidents and misfortune, help body in self-healing working through non-physical reason for a disease, helpful for kidney, heart and stomach complaints, heart chakra
Nuumite/Nuummite Good for all-purpose healing, infections that are slow to clear or reoccur, blood, kidneys, insulin regulation, diabetes, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, fainting and dizziness, eyes, ears, tinnitus, central nervous system, heart valves and arteries.
Obsidian Helps keep away negativity, protective stone particularly for sensitive people, helps let go of old loves and old ways, teaches how to bring more light infor darkness, connects mind and emotions, grounds spiritual energy into physical plane, reduces stress, helps clear subconscious blocks. 1st (root) chakra.
Obsidian (Rainbow) Beneficial for heartbreak, compassion, strength, digestion of anything that is hard to accept, detoxification, blockages, hardened arteries, strong protective properties, absorbs negative energy, draws off stress.
Obsidian (Snowflake) Beneficial for releasing "wrong thinking," stressful mental patterns, fear, veins, skeleton, circulation, wound healing, compassion, strength, detox, blockages, hardened arteries, joint pain, cramp, injuries, pain, bleeding, circulation, warming the extremities.
Onyx 1st, 3rd, 6th chakra, element earth. Beneficial for wise decisions, self confidence, centering, vigour, hearing, steadfastness, stamina, grief, fears, quelling sexual desire, blood disorders, feet, balance yin & yang, teeth, bones, bone marrow.
Onyx - Rainbow (Marble) A protective gemstone, helps create invisibility, helps release negative emotions, used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships, heart, kidney, nerve, capillary, hair, eye and nail strengthener, helps one sleep, helps to eliminate apathy, stress and neurological disorders
Opal - Blue Beneficial for inner serenity, strengthening the will to live, intuition, spontaneity, self-worth, water retention, muscular swelling, heart, lungs, thymus, female hormones, menopause, purifying blood, kidneys, regulating insulin, eyes, ears, chronic cough, eczema, psoriasis.
Opal - Pink Healing the emotions, clears and calms the emotions and brings a sense of peace and serenity, helps with sleep difficulties and nightmares, excessive fear, worry, anxiety, dissipates stress, soothes the heart, helps with erratic or irregular heartbeat, lungs, utilization of oxygen.
Opalite Place on Crown Chakra to enhance vision, stabilizes mood swings, ideal stone for meditation, improves communication especially at the spiritual level, removes energy blockages of chakras and meridians, assists during transitions, engenders persistence, strength in verbalizing hidden feelings, helps with success in business, overcome fatigue, purifies blood and kidneys.
Optical Calcite (Iceland Spar) Clear and activate chakras, spiritual development, improve perception of world and self, clear fear-based and negative emotions and energy, amplify positive energy, more optimism, amplify intent, help see errors and see ways to correct them, increase personal motivation, heighten mental discernment and analysis, increase memory and learning abilities, bones, joints, absorption of vitamins and minerals.
Orange Calcite Beneficial for reproductive system, gallbladder, intestinal disorders, irritable bowel, joints, skin, clotting, calcium uptake in bones, tissue healing, immune system, sexual abuse, motivation, emotional stress, highly energizing and cleansing stone.
Orange River Chalcedony Helps ease self-doubts, makes one more reflective. Eases bad dreams and problems related to eyes, gall bladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory organs. Cleansing in nature and will promote healing of open sores. As it has very strong healing qualities of its own, it doesn't need to be cleansed.
Peacock Ore This "stone of happiness" gives off a circular energy which helps to align the chakras. It protects one from negative energy and may transmute negative energy into beneficial energy. It provides for new growth of cellular structure, helps the body absorb potassium and can be used to reduce calcium deposits within the body.
Peridot Beneficial for prosperity, jealousy, resentment, spitefulness, anger, stress, confidence, assertion, melancholia, protection, digestive problems, skin, heart, lethargy, eyes, tissue regeneration, metabolism, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, intestinal tract, ulcers, birth contractions, bipolar disorder, hypochondria, helpful to healers.
Petalite Stress relief, stabilizing the pulse, depression, endocrine system, AIDS, cancer, cells, eyes, lungs, muscular spasm, intestines, enhances the environment.
Petrified Wood Power, protection, healing. Powerful in removing obstacles, assists in reaching goals or smooths a path for any endeavor ridden with difficult barriers, helps restore physical energy, relieves hip and back problems.
Picture Jasper Beneficial for guilt, envy, hatred, love, immune system, kidneys, stress, electromagnetic and environmental pollution, prolonged illness, circulation, digestive and sexual organs, balancing mineral content.
Pink Agate 4th (Heart) chakra. Beneficial for unconditional love, emotional trauma, self confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, aura stabilization, transformation, negative energy release, eyes, uterus, digestive process, gastritis, stomach, lymphatic system, pancreas, blood vessels, skin disorders.
Pink Tourmaline Relaxation, wisdom, compassion, emotional pain, heart, lungs, skin detoxification, spinal adjustments, paranoia, dyslexia, hand-eye coordination, bronchitis, diabetes, emphysema, pleurisy, pneumonia, energy flow, removal of blockages, attracts love.
Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) Clears negativity, fosters compassion, self acceptance, self honor, ignites love and compassion in one's heart, heals by closing the gap between the physical & spiritual, attracts prosperity, strengthens the emotions, mind and will, protects the wearer from intoxication, brings good fortune and luck.
Prehnite Multiplies energy and enhances protective fields, allows one to remember dreams, enhances the ability to prophesy, particularly in regards to spiritual growth, used in treatment of kidneys, bladder, gout, connective tissues, for anemia.
Purple-violet Tourmaline Generic properties of tourmaline, beneficial for depression, obsessive thoughts, chronic fatigue, detox, spinal adjustments, protection, removal of blockages, stimulates creativity and intuition, healing of heart.
Purpurite Beneficial for exhaustion, despair, break old habits or attitudes, bruises, bleeding, blood flow, blood purification, stabilizing the pulse, speak in public with clarity and confidence.
Pyrite Traditional symbol for money and good luck, strengthening the mind, wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity, overcomes inertia, lethargy, fatigue, feelings of inadequacy, energizes area where you place it, helps see behind a facade, increases oxygen supply to the blood and strengthens the circulatory system, beneficial for lungs, alleviating bronchitis and asthma.
Que Sera Beneficial for activating your personal power, higher creativity, spiritual evolution, confidence, find constructive solutions, shield against electromagnetic pollutants, recharges and balances the meridians.
Rainbow Moonstone In addition to carrying the generic properties of moonstone, rainbow moonstone is beneficial for the internal organs, eyes, arteries and veins and carries the vibration of light and spiritual healing for all of humanity.
Red Calcite (Red/Brown) A gentle energy - cleansing, revitalizing, opens the base chakra, bringing vitality and increased energy, stimulates the senses, giving a new appreciation for physical experience, a grounding stone.
Red Jasper Attracts Justice. Used to bring stability and increase autonomy. Considered a stone of justice and fairness, it is a powerful protective stone in times of danger. Red jasper promotes personal independence and helps one assume responsibility.
Red Tiger's Eye In addition to carrying the generic properties of Tiger's Eye, Red Tiger's Eye overcomes lethargy, provides motivation, speeds up a slow metabolism, increases low libido, good for brain hemisphere integration, perception, internal conflicts, pride, willfulness, emotional balance, yin-yang, fatique, hemophilia, hepatitis, mononucleosis, depression, reproductive organs.
Rhodochrosite Beneficial for emotional release, mental stress, self-worth, denial, instilling positive attitude, overcoming chronic self-blame, irrational fears, memory, intellect, anorexia, migraine, asthma, respiratory problems, circulatory systems, kidneys, eyesight, depression, low blood pressure, herpes, infections, thyroid.
Rhodonite Very beneficial for growth of bones and hearing, central nervous system, pancreas, thyroid, reflexes, raises feeling of self worth, love, sense of well-being, stability, alleviates anxiety and confusion, improves memory, enhances energy levels in body and mind. Good for musicians and sound technicians.
Rose Quartz Beneficial for inducing love, reducing tension, overcoming trauma, sexual imbalances, grief, addiction, heart and circulatory system, chest, lungs, kidneys, adrenals, vertigo, fertility, burns, blistering, dementia.
Ruby Beneficial for leadership, courage, selflessness, heightened awareness, concentration, anger, immunity, exhaustion, lethargy, potency, vigor, hyperactivity, detox, blood, lymph, fevers, heart, spleen, circulatory system, adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs.
Ruby Fuschite Nurturing, spiritual wisdom, bringing spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth. A Stone of Nobility. Gathers and amplifies energy stimulating mental concentration, success in controversies and disputes. Encourages gentleness, discourages violence, protects at all levels.
Ruby in Zoisite Rubies amplify positive energy, heightening whatever purity you already possess. Zoisite has the ability to transmute negative energy into an amplified positive energy. This combination of materials helps one to create altered states of consciousness and enhances contact with the subtle bodies. Used by healers as a diagnostic tool and to treat problems of the heart and loss of vitality. Chakra - heart, crown
Rutilated Quartz - Angel's Hair Beneficial for entire respiratory system, cell regeneration, frigidity, impotence, infertility, lactation, encourages upright posture, healing of nervous disorders, strengthens immune system.
Sapphire (Blue) Thyroid, serenity, peace of mind, concentration, multidimensional cellular healing, overactive body systems, glands, eyes, stress, blood disorders, excessive bleeding, veins, elasticity, spiritual truth, love, purity.
Sardonyx Beneficial for tinnitus, bones, spleen, sensory organs, fluid regulation, immune system, absorption of nutrients, stamina, depression, protective stone from crime, strengthens willpower, attracts friends and good fortune.
Scapolite (Red Epidote) Beneficial for dyslexia, meditation, postoperative recovery, calcium assimilation, varicose veins, eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, bone disorders, shoulders, incontinence.
Sceptre Use as an aura wand to cleanse and clear auric energy. Can balance all the Chakra but especially the heart Chakra by holding the crystal at heart level with the point facing the heart. See what really matters in our lives, enhances fertility and acts as a purifier, will unblock specific areas or organs blocked from transmitting or receiving the flow of energy throughout the body and is helpful in guiding our search for the meaning and importance of existence.
Scolecite Beneficial for inner peace, enhance meditation, restful sleep, sweet dreams, tranquility, calm, love, kindness, awakening the heart, inter dimensional travel.
Selenite Judgment, insight, aligning the spinal column, flexibility, epilepsy, mercury poisoning from dental amalgam, free radicals, breastfeeding, clarity of mind, stabilizer of erratic emotions.
Septarian (Dragon Stone) Beneficial for seasonal affective disorder, patience, holistic healing, tolerance, endurance, intestines, kidneys, heart, study, motivation, emotional stress, immune system, grounding, depression, bad dreams, negative thoughts, self-healing.
Seraphinite Beneficial for releasing muscle tension up into the neck, enhancing weight loss, chills, lymph, infections, detox, assimilation of Vitamin A, E, iron, magnesium, calcium, pain, skin growths, liver spots, proliferation of helpful bacteria, stone of spiritual enlightenment, a high vibration stone.
Serpentine Beneficial for longevity, detox, parasite elimination, calcium and magnesium absorption, hypoglycemia, diabetes, aids meditation, helps understand spiritual basis of life, feel more in control of your life, correcting mental and emotional imbalances, focusing healing energy to problem areas.
Shaman Dream Stones Clear Quartz with inclusions that look like landscapes or underwater scenes, have the qualities of clear quartz plus the vibrations of their inclusions. Used for gazing, daydreaming, lucid dreaming, meditation, Shamanic journeying, enhancing communication with spiritual plane, bringing knowledge from past lives, excellent healing stone with gentle energies.
Shattuckite Stone of truth, wisdom, communication, psychically protective, develops mediumship, intuition, clairvoyance, communication with Spirit, promotes ability to receive and express truth, facilitates stronger connection with personal guides and loved ones who have passed over, healing relationships, heals the spleen, clears blockages, helps with tonsillitis, a general tonic for the body, great for public speakers, attorneys and teachers.
Shiva Lingam Represents both male and female and the cosmic egg, resonates with energies of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Stone. Use to charge the entire chakra system, activate kundalini energies, boost vitality, enhance inner transformation, break up old patterns and open the path for new life, help to feel unity, even during times of separation, treat impotence, treat infertility, strengthen and balance the whole body.
Shungite Beneficial for protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation, improving air quality, cleansing water, relieving heart difficulty, allergies, skin diseases, arthritis, hair and skin rejuvenation, backaches, headaches, rheumatism, respiratory system diseases, increasing activity, including the sexual one, sleep disorders, regulates blood pressure, increases immunity.
Singing Quartz Crystal Unique tonal quality, when 2 pieces are touched together they produce a clear tinkling tone. Used to facilitate communication on multiple levels, remove blockages to understanding, align energy centres of the body, calm the aura, enhance meditation.
Smoky Citrine Beneficial for sensitivity to environmental influences, energy clearing, optimism, letting go of the past, self-esteem, self-confidence, concentration, depression, phobias, motivation, nightmares, eyes, circulation, nerves, thyroid, thymus, muscle. Never needs cleansing.
Smoky Quartz Helps to live in the present moment. Good for organizational skills, it clears up miscommunications, opens up the paths of perception, learning and brings joy.
Sodalite Beneficial for electromagnetic stress, self esteem, panic attack, phobias, guilt, self acceptance, self trust, mental confusion, cellular memory healing, rational thought, objectivity, intuitive perception, absorption of fluid, glandular system, nerve endings, central nervous system, metabolism, calcium deficiencies, hoarseness, digestive disorders, fevers, lymphatic system, organs, immune system, radiation damage, insomnia, throat vocal cords, larynx, lowers blood pressure.
Spider Web Jasper (Zebra) A soothing stone, grounding and stabilizing, soothes frayed nerves, speaks to interconnectedness of universal energies, supports attunement to how these energies work, change and integrate the web of life, associated with root chakra, has healing properties of jasper.
Spinel - Black Beneficial for muscular and nerve conditions, blood vessels. Opens chakras, offers energy renewal, encouragement in difficult times, rejuvenation, enhances positive aspects of personality. Black is protective, grounds energy, offers insights into material problems.
Spirit Quartz Beneficial for ascension, rebirthing, self forgiveness, patience, purifying and stimulating the auric bodies, insightful dreams, reframing the past, blending male and demale, yin and yang, healing discord, astral projection, detox, obsessive behavior, fertility, skin eruptions, energy enhancement.
Starry Jasper Beneficial for grounding, revitalizes energy, helps the cleansing organs, aligns and balances the chakras and subtle bodies, recharges the blood. Root chakra.
Staurolite (Fairy Cross) Beneficial for stopping smoking, addictions, stress, depression, overwork, scattered energy, cellular disorders, growths, assimilation of carbohydrates, fever, talisman for good luck.
Stichtite Beneficial for ADHD, kundalini rise, skin elasticity, stretch marks, hernia, teeth, gums, calming, keeping mind and opinions open, manifesting true self.
Stilbite Beneficial for detoxification, brain disorders, ligaments, laryngitis, loss of taste, pigmentation of skin. Facilitates multi-dimensional metaphysical work, contains information about the soul, assists in deep soul healing.
Stromatolite Energy is beneficial for personal power, steadfast persistence, stability, resilience, versatility and connection to the essence of life. They are fossils of huge colonies of blue green algae some billions of years old.
Sugilite Beneficial for self forgiveness, learning difficulties, autism, dyslexia, accelerating body's natural healing ability, spirituality, addiction, eating disorders, mental fatigue, despair, hostility, paranoia, schizophrenia, pain relief, headaches, epilepsy, motor disturbances, nerves, brain alignment.
Sulfur Beneficial for willfulness, exhaustion, serious illness, fevers, colds, swelling, joint problems, skin conditions, karmic cleansing, absorbs destructive energies, negativity, blocks repetitive thought patterns.
Sunstone Beneficial for pessimism, self-worth, sexual arousal, codependency, self-empowerment, independence, vitality, procrastination, depression, SAD, self-healing, autonomous nervous system, chronic sore throats, stomach ulcers, cartilage problems, rheumatism, general aches and pains.
Super 7 (The Melody Stone) Ascension work, harmonizing the body, immune system, body's natural healing system. Extremely soothing and nurturing crystal containing amethyst, smoky quartz, quartz, rutile, goethite, lepidocrosite, and cacoxenite.
Tangerine Quartz Beneficial for infertility, frigidity, reproductive system, intestines, assimilation of vitamins and iron, balancing acidity-alkalinity, removing free radicals, a master healer for any condition, multidimensional cellular memory healer, efficient receptor for programming, brings the body into balance, energy enhancement.
Tektite Beneficial for fevers, capillaries, circulation, traditionally worn as a fertility talisman, reveals past lives and those lived on other planets or planes, helps let go of undesirable experiences, promotes insight, balances male-female energies
Third Eye Agate Beneficial for intuition, extrasensory perception, imagination, concentration, protection against evil, enhances psychic abilities.
Thulite (Pink Zoisite) Beneficial for extreme weakness, nervous exhaustion, calcium deficiencies, gastric upsets, fertility, PMS, lethargy, detox, neutralizing over acidification, reducing inflammation, assists dramatic presentations, energy to eloquence.
Tiger Iron Beneficial for empaths, deep exhaustion, emotional burnout, family stress, pride, willpower, vitality, lower limbs, leg cramps, muscles, spinal alignment, fractures, emotional balance, iron absorption.
Tiger's Eye Brain hemisphere integration, perception, internal conflicts, pride, willfulness, emotional balance, yin-yang, fatigue, hepatitis, mononucleosis, depression, night vision, broken bones, reproductive organs, throat, protection.
Tourmalinated Quartz Beneficial for energy enhancement, detrimental environmental influences, shadow energies, self-sabotage, problem solving, harmonizing meridians, aura and chakras, master healing for any condition, multidimensional cellular memory healing, efficient receptor for programming, protecting against radiation, energy flow.
Tourmaline Beneficial for negative energies both physical and spiritual, debilitating diseases, arthritis, pain relief, realigning spinal column, detox, balancing yin-yang, lung problems, energy flow, removal of blockages
Tree Agate It can give a wider viewpoint of the world. Tree agate is a centering gemstone that provides for communication and finding peace with the earth. Known as the Stone of Plentitude, it draws abundance into your life. Place Tree Agate near your houseplants to encourage growth. Meditate with it to improve your connection to the energy flows of the earth. Physically, Tree Agate heals blood vessels, nerves or the skeletal system.
Turquoise Beneficial for friendship, loyalty, self-realization, mood swings, romantic love, purification, exhaustion, depression, panic attacks, subtle energy fields, immune system, eyes, gout, stomach, cramp, sore throat, protective against injury.
Unakite Stimulates healing of the soul, helps us awaken higher self, get rid of pent-up emotions, helps us discern favorable relationships. Beneficial for extreme weakness, nervous exhaustion, gastric upsets, fertility, PMS, lethargy, detox, inflammation, immune system, heart, spleen, pancreas, lungs, ovaries, testicles.
Vera Cruz Amethyst Metaphysical gifts, brain function, multidimensional healing, takes you instantly into a state of beta brain waves, facilitating meditation and journeying. High vibration stone.
Watermelon Tourmaline Beneficial for love, tenderness, friendship, emotional dysfunction, old pain, depression, fear, inner security, regeneration of nerves, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, stress, relaxation, wisdom, compassion, destructive feelings, heart, lungs skin, patience, sense of belonging, openness, rejuvenation, restful sleep, claustrophobia, panic attacks, hyperactivity, detox, constipation, diarrhea, eyes, thymus, brain, immune system, weight loss, relieving chronic fatigue and exhaustion, strained muscles, gallbladder, liver.
Xenotine Heals wounds of past (including former partners), helps you stand on own feet, stimulates personal will, supports self-confidence, helps negotiate difficult situations, assists bowels, reproductive organs.
Yellow Jasper Endocrine system, toxicity, electromagnetic pollution, radiation, stress, prolonged illness, hospitalization, circulation, digestive, sexual organs, pain relief.
Yellow Topaz Beneficial for astuteness, problem-solving honesty, forgiveness, self-realization, emotional support, manifesting health, digestion, anorexia, sense of taste, nerves, metabolism, skin, vision.
Zincite Beneficial for necessary change, lethargy, procrastination, confidence, phobias, empty-nest syndrome, creativity, hair, skin, autoimmune diseases, candida, bronchitis, epilepsy, infertility, menopausal symptoms, immune system.
Zircon Beneficial for synergy, constancy, jealousy, possessiveness, victimization, homophobia, misogyny, racism, sciatica, cramp, insomnia, depression, bones, muscles, vertigo, liver.
Zoisite Zoisite is highly energetic and transmutes all negative energies into positive energies, dispel laziness and boredom, zapping you full of energy, a great stone for exploring astrology, as it connects your mind to the heavens. Physically, Zoisite addresses your heart, spleen, pancreas and lungs.