Linden Herb at Unique Perceptions

Linden Tea

  1. To make tea, steep a tea bag or about 1-2 teaspoons of dried herb (leaf and flowers) in boiling water for 3-4 minutes (15 to 20 minutes for a strong medicinal tea) and drink. The maximum dosage is 3 cups a day (especially for the strong tea).

Linden herb contains a powerful chemical called farnesol which is a vasodilator and a diuretic.

Benefits of Linden Tea

  1. Farnesol helps prevent edema and water retention.
  2. The tea works as a great natural diuretic as it promotes perspiration during sleep. The ability of some linden compounds to cause sweating may have benefits when you have a cold, cough or fever.
  3. Some components of linden flower tea might also help soothe irritated membranes in your mouth or throat that develop during an illness. A study published in the February 2000 issue of "Planta Medica" found that some polysaccharides, or complex sugars, in linden flowers adhere to the type of membrane that lines the mouth and respiratory tract. The authors concluded that linden polysaccharides may soothe these membranes when they become irritated, although this possibility still needs testing in clinical studies.
  4. The vasodilating effects of farnesol help to relax blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.
  5. Linden tea can help with insomnia because it also helps to naturally calm busy minds and actually relaxes the entire body.

Side Effects

  1. It can affect all the different parts of the body, so it is important not to take this tea if you are already on a diuretic or vasodilator for high blood pressure without visiting with your doctor.
  2. Some people may be allergic to the flowers.
  3. Don't use linden tea if you're pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you have heart disease.



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