Zircons are some of the oldest stones on earth and the meaning of its name dates back to an ancient Persian word zargun, meaning "gold-colored". This name became part of the Germanic languages, and then was anglicized to the English word Zircon. Zircon occurs in many colors, including red, pink, brown, yellow, hazel, or black. It can also be colorless. The finest and best deposits of Zircon stones come from Madagascar but it has also been found in Afghanistan, Australia, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Canada, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ukraine and the USA.

Traditionally it was used to protect against robbery, lightning, bodily harm and disease.

Zircon Gemstone Uses

  1. Zircon is a powerful grounding stone, especially brown zircon which is excellent for centering and grounding.
  2. It provides spiritual protection. Worn in jewelry, its vibration acts as a "shield of Light" around the wearer. It lends a protective energy to those who leave the physical body.
  3. Overcoming prejudice, Zircon teaches the brotherhood of humanity and clears the effect of discrimination from the emotional body.
  4. Zircon can be used to balance dreams with reality. It is used to harmonize one's inner goals and dreams with real life reality. It assists in bringing the physical and spiritual self into union.
  5. Zircon helps one to focus on grounding ideals and transforming real life to the achievement of those goals. It helps you to be more organized and to act more effectively to achieve your aims. It instills stamina and tenacity of purpose and enhances clear thinking and separating the significant from the insignificant.
  6. Zircon has been thought to bring its wearers prosperity, honor, respect, and wisdom.
  7. Zircon can help bring peaceful sleep.
  8. It energizes all chakras by working within the chakras to stimulate the movement of sluggish energy.
  9. It assists in overcoming depleted energy
  10. It encourages the ability to recognize and receive spiritual guidance and to recognize the spiritual aspects of yourself. It is an energizer for one's psychic abilities.
  11. Zircon assists in cleansing toxins from the body and can be used to support detoxification. It can be used to assist in withdrawal from tobacco, sugar, caffeine or other harmful substances.
  12. Zircon helps balance the adrenals and can support the adrenals when one is overwhelmed with work or stress.
  13. Zircon can be used next to any other stone to amplify the effects of that stone.
  14. Zircon may cause dizziness in those who wear pacemakers or are epileptic. If so, remove immediately.


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